Benefits Of Alibaba66 VIP Program To Maximize Your Earnings

Benefits Of Alibaba66 VIP Program To Maximize Your Earnings

Alibaba66 VIP club is a loyalty program that was created by the Alibaba Group.

The company has also introduced many other benefits for its customers.

It provides them with various advantages, bonuses and rewards which make them more loyal to this online casino.

Free commissions

Free commissions are available for all Alibaba66 VIP members. Non-VIP members can’t earn free commissions.

But they can still make money by selling products on our platform.

How to get free commissions?

All you need to do is sign up as an Alibaba66 VIP member and then activate the free commission feature in your account settings.

Once activated, you can start earning free commissions from every sale made by other sellers who use your referral code!

What’s more? You’ll also earn 20% of their sales price as a bonus!

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Unlimited free spins Alibaba66 Online CasinoUnlimited free spins

You can use the free spins to play new games, or you can use it to play your favorite game.

In fact, you can also use it to try a new game provider, or even just play a different game from the same provider!

VIP Club Rewards

The VIP Club Rewards program is one of the best ways to earn free bets and credits.

You can earn points by placing bets, referring friends and more.

Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for rewards such as:

  • Free spins on slot games
  • Free bets in sports betting
  • Cash back on casino games

VIP Club Bonuses

  • Bonus Points will be awarded to you in the form of tokens.
  • You can use these bonus points to play games on Alibaba66, or convert them into real money.
  • Bonuses do not have an expiration date, but once they are converted into cash or game tokens, the conversion will be permanent and irreversible.

Exclusive offers and promotions

You’ll also have access to exclusive offers and promotions. This includes:

  • Free spins, where you can spin a slot machine for free (no stake required)
  • VIP club rewards, which you can use to get cashback or other bonuses when making purchases on Alibaba66.

If you’re looking for ways to maximize your earnings and rewards, this is one of the best ways!

VIP Club Rewards Alibaba66 Online Casino Alibaba66 VIP club member can easily maximize your earnings & rewards

As a member of the Alibaba66 VIP club, you can earn more points and get more free spins.

You will also be able to enjoy exclusive offers that are not available to non-VIP members.

In addition to this, as an Alibaba66 VIP member you will have access to several benefits.

Such as free commissions and bonuses on your first purchase each month.

How to join the Alibaba66 VIP club?

To join the Alibaba66 VIP club, simply visit the Alibaba66 VIP page and click on “Join” button.

A form will appear which you need to fill out with your name, email address and phone number.

Once you have filled out all required fields click on “Submit” button at the end of form and receive an email confirming your membership in no time!

The advantages of mobile app to earn more points

The mobile app also offers a lot of benefits including free Alibaba66 ewallet account.

You can earn points while playing the games on your phone, and you don’t need to carry your laptop with you.

The game is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

It allows you to play it anytime, anywhere without the need for installation or download because it’s already pre-installed in the Alibaba66 VIP program’s mobile application!

Where can we play games at Alibaba66?

Alibaba66 VIP program offers you the best gaming experience on your mobile device, desktop and tablet.

You can also play games on your laptop or smart TV!

There are so many kinds of games for you to choose from: slots, table games (blackjack), poker and sports betting.

Loyal Customer Privileges Alibaba66 Online CasinoLoyal customer privileges

As a loyal customer, you will enjoy more privileges and rewards in this platform.

You can earn free commissions by referring friends to join Alibaba66 VIP program.

Besides, you can earn free spins by referring friends to join Alibaba66 VIP program.

You can also earn additional spins when they play games on the site or click ads on the site.

When they make a deposit, you will get an extra 5% bonus on top of their deposit amount!

This is called “Referral Bonus” and it’s an exclusive benefit only available for members.

Who are invited by other members who have been invited themselves (i.e., not directly invited by Alibaba66).

The maximum amount of referral bonuses per month is capped at RM200 equivalent in BTC/ETH/LTC/BCH/BCD currencies combined with any other bonuses or rewards offered by Alibaba66 at its sole discretion from time-to-time without notice given prior thereto.

Check out the FAQs page.


In conclusion, the Alibaba66 VIP program is one of the best ways to maximize your earnings and rewards.

It is easy to join and there are many benefits for loyal customers.

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