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The term “joker” carries various meanings depending on the context.

For fans of DC Comics, it evokes the image of the infamous character known as Joker, who often antagonizes Batman.

History buffs associate it with the jesters who entertained medieval courts. The older generation sees it as a playful prankster. In the realm of gambling, the word is synonymous with the joker playing card, which assumes different roles in various games.

Joker Gambling, formerly known as Joker123, embraces the versatility of this term and offers a unique online gambling experience.

In this article, we explore Joker Gambling, its APK version, and why Zeus77 is the preferred platform for enthusiasts.

What is the meaning of the word “Joker”?

When it comes to the word “joker”, the meaning of the word depends on the context.

For example, if you are a DC Comics fanatic, you would relate this word to be Harley Quinn’s Puddin – Joker, who is the main antagonist of most Batman’s movies.

For the history buffs, you’d take the definition of the classic jester who clowns around in medieval courts. 

To the older generation, you would take the word akin to the more modern term, prankster.

Basically, a person who does jokes and pranks for the sake of laughter.

Generally, that is what a joker means.

For those hardcore fans of gambling, your first thought would be the joker playing card.

Often, these jokers have different roles in different games and that’s what makes them so versatile.

In this case, these days, there are so many online casinos with different wacky names.

It makes complete sense to have a casino dedicated to the playing card.

What is Joker Gambling?

Formerly known as Joker123, Joker Gambling is more than just another gambling platform. 

Like the big players in the casino field, such as mega888, pussy888, and Fachai, joker gambling is just as exclusive as the competition.

The entire premise of this platform is based on the many definitions of the word “joker”.

Of course, you should consider this platform if the others are not appealing.

The colour theme of the website is black, white and yellow.

This is to give the feeling of a flashy and exclusive website.

Additionally, it gives the feeling of a mysterious nightclub vibe.

This platform is popularly downloaded into many devices such as desktops, mobile devices as well as tablets.

Where to get Joker Gaming APK

To find the latest version of this platform, we highly recommend retrieving the official copy from the official website or from a trusted gambling distribution company such as Zeus77.

If your APK version is still labeled as “Joker123”, it means that you have an older copy of the Joker Gambling.

The true and latest version of this site should read as “Joker Gambling”.

Therefore, be sure to check your downloads.

Having an outdated version of the game stored on your device is not advisable.

Similarly, it is also not advised to download a version from a source that isnt the official website or from Zeus77.

This is simply because those could be fake or scam apps that are targeting your device to steal your information.

Thus, be sure to check the version on your page and update it accordingly.

Why choose the Joker APK version?

If you play most of your games on your mobile device, you are better off playing on the APK version.

This is because the APK version is meant for mobile devices.

APK which stands for Android Package Kit.

As these online casinos are often taboo-type games, you may not find them on the playstore or app store.

Hence, these platforms would normally come up with APK versions for their users to download and install manually.

The installation process is usually very straightforward and it is nearly impossible to mess it up.

Why choose Zeus77 as your preferred gambling platform?

Zeus77 is the ideal platform for most players as it comes with a variety of games under one distributor.

Why download individual APKs for different platforms when you can just use Zeus77 to house all your games under one neat package?

Besides, there are plenty of other benefits to getting Zeus77.

This would include the multitudes of bonuses they have and the promotions that they offer.

What promotions and bonuses are there to claim from Zeus77 when you download joker apk?

Three types of Welcome bonuses

Zeus77’s concept is based on Greek gods. 

Therefore, most of the bonuses are named after the more prominent gods in Greek mythology.

The three gods available to choose as a welcome gift as Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades.

Note, that as a new player, you can only choose 1 type of welcome gift. 

So, do read the terms and conditions and see what would suit your needs best.

In some cases, you can to reap the benefits of the welcome bonus, you will need to hit a certain threshold of points or winnings.

Therefore, if you have not met the criteria, you may not use the welcome gift to its fullest.

Bonuses for every type of game, including Joker APK

Whether you are into slots, baccarat, or sports betting, there is a bonus for everyone and any type of game.

Therefore, it is always encouraged to go to the promotional site of Zeus77 and see the bonuses that they offer.

For example, they are currently offering a promotion on games such as baccarat, blackjack, and roulette.

All you have to do is meet the criteria mentioned in the terms and conditions.

In this case, to claim the Hercules Power 7 Baccarat Challenge bonus, the player must win seven consecutive rounds of baccarat.

Thus, for a player to achieve these wins, we suggest having a great baccarat strategy at hand.

Then, you can have a higher chance of winning with the additional knowledge.

Furthermore, you will need to make a minimum bet of RM100 for each round.

There are other terms to be met too.

So, be sure to check and read it properly before claiming.

Reload and rebate bonuses

Not only can you convert your money into winnings, but for every deposit and reload ever made, you will be entitled to a bonus.

To be entitled to the Medusa 5% reload bonus, you will need to make a minimum deposit of RM50.

Then, you will need to achieve a win-over rate of 4x the amount you deposited.

So, we suggest playing games that you are good at and winning them consecutively to be able to claim the max payout of this bonus.

Login bonus

Did you know you can earn money simply by logging in every day?

With Zeus77, you can be easily rewarded with a bonus when you log in to play your favourite games.

For example, if you love to play games on Joker APK, then why not convert the login sessions into money?

According to the terms provided by Zeus77, you will need to log in for 3 consecutive days and make a minimum rollover of RM77.

Not only that, you will need to put down a minimum deposit too.

After achieving that, you can then claim the bonus.

Then, you can use that to continue playing your games.

So, start turning your plays and wins into a never-ending cycle.

You will never need to go searching for any other platform because Zeus77

has it all.


Joker Gambling, a platform that embodies the multifaceted nature of the word “joker,” provides a distinctive gambling experience to players.

By offering an APK version tailored for mobile devices, it ensures easy accessibility for gamers.

Zeus77, a trusted distributor, is the ideal choice for obtaining the latest version of Joker Gambling APK.

With an array of bonuses, promotions, and a wide range of games, Zeus77 provides an all-in-one solution for gambling enthusiasts.

Whether you seek welcome bonuses, game-specific promotions, reload bonuses, or login rewards, Zeus77 has you covered.

Embrace the excitement and rewards offered by Joker APK and experience the comprehensive gaming experience provided by Zeus77.

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