Top 5 Slot Games In Mega888 Apk 2021

Mega888 Apk 2021: Top 5 Slot Games For Easy Win

There are numerous games that you can play on online casinos.

The same goes for Mega888.

Mega888 is popular for its online casino games, particularly its online slot games.

While you can play the games on the browser by going to their website, you can also do so on the Mega888 apk 2021.

What you have to do to play the games is just getting the Mega apk download.

Why Mega888 slot games are so popular?

For Mega888 slot games to be its most popular games, there has to be a reason, right?

Absolutely, yes.

And here they are.

1) The slot games on Mega888 apk 2021 cannot be hacked

If you search “How to hack Mega888”, you will be disappointed with the results.

This is because Mega888 cannot be hacked.

It has very good security to ensure its games cannot be hacked by anyone.

This ensures fair play and equal opportunity for all users when they play the slot games.

2) The slot games on Mega888 apk 2021 are fair

Since the app cannot be hacked, the games are not particularly favorable or unfavorable to any user.

Every user has a chance to win, to hit the jackpot, to win big, and take home all the winnings.

higher chance of winning the jackpot on slot games on Mega888 apk 2021

3) There is a higher chance of winning the jackp

ot on slot games on Mega888 apk 2021

This is not to say that every user will win the jackpot every time they play slot games on Mega888.


Mega888 offers a higher chance of hitting the jackpot as compared to other onli

ne casinos.

And this is a review provided by real players, albeit anonymous.

How and where to play slot games on Mega888?

Now you know why you should play slot games on Mega888 new version app. So, let us see how and where you can play them.

There are 2 ways to access the slot games on Mega888.

1) By going to Mega888 website

The Mega888 website is the main access to its games.

Even to download the app, you will have to go to the website first.

2) By downloading the Mega888 original app

All the games that are available on the Mega888 website are also available on the app.

So, be sure to get the app download if you prefer the mobile version.

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How to install the Mega888 apk 2021?

Installing the Mega888 apk is very easy.

You just need to go to the Mega888 website.

Then, find the download page for the app.

Make sure to differentiate between the Mega888 apk download for android mobile and ios.

Select the download according to your device.

Next, click on the download button and the apk will download.

You will need to grant the apk access to enable you to install and use the app.

As Mega888 always tries to keep upgrading and have proper maintenance, they will provide an updated apk each time.

So, for example, next year, there will be the Mega888 2023 apk update if they add another layer of security.

In that case, you will need to delete the existing app on your phone first. And then download and install the Mega888 new version for upgraded security.

The downside to this is that the download has to be done manually, with no automatic notifcations.

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What are the top 5 online slot games in Mega888 apk 2021?

Now that we have gotten the basics out of the way, let us move on to the real reason why you are here.

The top 5 slot games on Mega888!

Well, look no further for here are the our top 5 recommended online slot games on Mega888 apk 2021.

Golden Monkey Slot Mega888 Online Slot Game1) Monkey slots

Monkeys are known to be playful creatures. And that is exactly what the Monkey slots are like.

If you are looking for a fun and chaotic type of slot game, the Monkey slots are for you.

It is based in a jungle background where there are monkeys looking around for food such as bananas.

The design of the slot game and characters are on the cartoonish side, which brings out the cute animation.

2) Aladdin Wishes

If you love Disney, you know who Aladdin is.

From genies to flying carpets, you know you are on a magical adventure when you are with Aladdin.

It has a dreamy background to envelop you in a whole new world, bringing you to a beautiful dreamland.

3) Great Blue

From the name itself, you know that the game’s background is blue in colour.

Its story is about the great sea and sea creatures of course, such as turtles, sharks, oysters, starfish, and many more.

The fun part of the Great Blue is that there is an additional gamble button that gives you the chance to double your winnings.

But the button will only appear when you have won.

4) Jin Qian Wa

More of a Chinese based slot game, Jin Qian Wa has a traditional Chinese background with purple and yellow.

It has toads, Chinese letters, jades, elephants, and more interesting characters appearing as its symbols.

The symbols are very cute yet elegant. When the gold toad appears, it means there is a higher opportunity to win more.

And when the more Chinese letters appear, it means you can get an extra spin for free.

Captain Sea Mega888 Online Slot Game5) Sea Captain

Another underwater-related theme slot game is the Sea Captain slots.

The Sea Captain slots is actually an older type of slot, with more traditional mechanics.

However, it is still one of the popular online slot games.

With lighthouse, worms on hooks, fish, harpoons, and many other symbols, it keeps the imagination of the sea going.

It is known for its high RTP at a whopping 95% and it is quite a volatile slot. So, risk and reward are high with this one. Be very careful of that.

Special Mentions – Online Slot Games on Mega888 apk 2021

The above top 5 slot games do not even make a dent in the long list of slot games on Mega888.

So here are a few others that almost made the cut.

  • 5 Fortune
  • Golden Monkey
  • Irish Luck
  • 8 Ball
  • African Wildlife
  • Amazing Thailand
  • Nian Nian You Yu
  • Panther Moon
  • Racing Cars
  • Dragon Tiger

How to play on Mega888 for free?

Did you know you can play on Mega888 for free? Without signing up for an account?

All you need is the Mega888 test ID and password to log in.

This way, you can try the app out and play the games for free.

This can act as a practice for when you play with actual money.

It can be a boost in confidence and motivation. In addition, you do not need to worry about losing money as it is all free.

In Conclusion

Trying out Mega888 is going to be one of the best decisions you make this year.

From roulette to online poker to premier leagues, there is so much to explore and play on Mega888.

Simply get the Mega888 apk 2021 app and you are good to go.

Of course, you must make sure that you get the Mega888 original apk from the website and not from a suspicious source.

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the Mega888 new version of the app, you can get started on the games.

You will then find out why they are so addicting and so enjoyable to play.

What is amazing is that you do not even need to sign up for an account just yet. You can simply play for free as long as you have Mega888 test ID and password.

So, get a move on and dive into the world of Mega888.

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