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Mega888 Tips Dragon Tiger Strategy Online Game

About Dragon Tiger Game Online, possibilities, Mega888 tips and strategies, which can use in this game.


Dragon Tiger game is very easy. Basically the same as in a baccarat game with 2 cards only.

The rules for Dragon Tiger online in Asia are incredibly simple. It’s one of the easiest card gamesyou’ll find, and you can master the basics within a couple of minutes.

Dragon Tiger is not the only simple casino game that exists, but there are very few which keep the rules and options as succinct as this exciting game does. For example, the concept of online roulette is pretty simple – bet on a number and, if it comes in, you win. But when you add inside and outside bets, corners and baskets, it becomes a little more complex.

This is not the case with Dragon Tiger. The rules are incredibly simple and there are no confusing side bets.

Play Tiger Dragron Online CasinoHow To Play?

There are two cards or tokens on the table – the Dragon and the Tiger. Think of these as a substitute for player and dealer, except you can bet on whichever you prefer. All you have to do is bet on who will receive the higher card from the dealer – Dragon or Tiger. Aces are low.

You have seven or eight betting options. The two main bets are Dragon and Tiger as mentioned above. You can also bet on ‘Big’ (8 to King) or ‘Small’ (Ace to 7) for either Dragon or Tiger (if it’s a 7 all Big and Small bets lose). That makes up another four bets.

Another betting option is ‘Tie’, which usually pays out at odds of 8/1 to 11/1. Players will win if both Dragon and Tiger are dealt the same card value, regardless of suit. Some casinos will also offer ‘Suited Tie’, where the card must match in both value and suit.

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