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I am an avid slot player with more than 15 years experience in slot machine & online slot games. Started off to play slot machine in casino, I managed to learn the slot winning odds progressively in most of the slot games. Among my winning records, I managed to strike 5 consecutive jackpots in a particular slot game in Mega888 slot app. I strongly believe that logical thinking and strong analytical skill play a huge part in slot game betting. However, it is undeniable that luck does play a portion in this as well. Hence, I am writing this blog to share my experience on different casino platforms from register guide to game winning tips. Another interesting fact about me is that I am the cousin of Xuan Liu, a well-known professional poker player. Perhaps we share some similarities in our genes on certain talent in gambling games!


Before Become A Professional Slot Player


Working as a Banker for Five Years Before Start To Become Slot Player

I worked as a banker for five years after college graduation. Starting out in the banking industry as a recent graduate can be daunting. But the challenges and opportunities inherent in the role are what make it all worthwhile. I spend my days helping customers manage their finances, analyzing market trends to offer the best advice and making sound decisions in a fast-paced environment. After 5 years of honing these skills, most move on to bigger and better things, equipped with knowledge and experience that will serve them well throughout the rest of their professional lives. However, being a banker is just not what I want as a long term career.


Transitioning from a Banker to a Professional Slot Player

Transitioning from a banker to a professional slot player may sound like a drastic shift in career, but for me, it’s a journey worth taking. While banking may provide a stable source of income, the thrill of hitting the jackpot and making a living out of playing slots can be enticing. Besides, I am not just relying on luck though, they employ strategies and techniques to increase my odds of winning. From determining which machines to play to managing my bankroll, I learn all in details seriously. It may take time to hone the skills necessary to succeed in this field. But for those who are up for the challenge, the rewards can be significant.


When Start To Bet In Mega888 Online Slot Games


Mega888 Slot App Games
Mega888 Slot App Games
As there are plenty of online slot platforms in the market, it was pretty hard for me to choose which slot app to play in consistently. One day, I came across an Ad in my Facebook news feed showcasing on Mega888 online slot app and the slot game variety. Attracted by it’s jackpot amount, I decided to give this online slot platform a try. To my surprise, I found it is a safe & secured slot platform to play in. Besides, the credit withdrawal & deposit process is extremely fast and efficient. Since then, I became a regular player in Mega888 slot app and until now, I am one of the VIP players in this platform.


Current Achievement As A Professional Slot Player

World Series Of Slots
World Series Of Slots


Won The World Series of Slots bracelet in 2014 & 2016


My highest achievements were the champion in World Series of Slot in 2014 & 2016. The World Series of Slots (WSOS) is a series of slot tournaments held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. The WSOS is considered to be the most prestigious slot tournament in the world and has been regarded as such since its establishment in 1960. The main event of this event consists of over 1,200 players competing for a top prize that can reach up to $5 million dollars!


Featured on several TV shows and documentaries


I has also been featured on several TV shows and documentaries. Furthermore, I was a contestant on Slot Maniac Tournament and Late Night Slot. Lastly, I was honored to be featured in The World Series of Slots (WSOS) documentary series. Which aired on ESPN in 2015, called “The Making of a Champion.”


Overall Slot Player Journey


I was glad to be one of the famous slot players in Asia region. I am known for my ability to beat all odds and win big, even when it seems impossible. In fact, my journey started at an early age when I first became interested in gambling. I would often play slot games with my family members since young without real money involved. As soon as I turned 22 years old, I decided it was time for something new! So I took what little savings which I had saved up over those years and headed to Genting Malaysia. So I could legally gamble online on slots machines while still living under my parents’ roof. This move has built a solid path and foundation for my route to become professional slot player in the future.
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