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Daily Slot Game Free Credit

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MEGA888™️ Malaysia

In the past few years, MEGA888 Online has grown and slowly dominating in the casino industry, even overtake Jili online casino.

However, there are many reason for this.

This would include excellent user experience as players have instant access to high quality games gambling convenience.

The advancement in technology ensures that online casinos have something new to offer regularly.

In other words, trends are constantly changing within the industry.

While trends are strongly on the rise, MEGA888 has been consistent in remaining at the top.

Even when trends go, they still remain there.


It still constantly offer latest online slot games, card games and arcade games to the players.

Among so many casino apps in the market, this online casino app still achieve a high Windows rating compared to others.

Gamification Experience

Online casino in 2020 such as  Happy88 online casino, all strive to provide friendly interface design & visual experience for players.

Most importantly, the implementation of gamification features bring entire casino experience becomes a game within game.

Just like on MEGA888, you can find these gamification features that enable you to make the most of your online gambling experience.

In short, as you play more and there will be more rewards and achievements to unlock.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been introduced in online gambling industry a while ago.

Many have witnessed and tried it first hand, giving hope to a brand new experience.

Thus, we can only hope that more online gambling platforms will take on this unconventional but new route.

Mobile-focused design

For the past few years, game developers have been more focused on developing online slots.

The goal was to makes all slot games instantly accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

MEGA888 strives to provide you the best online gaming experience and quality games.

You deserve the best and therefore, you should just try MEGA888!

Live Casino Games

Live Casino Games

Due to its constant growth , we expect the live casino games are also another trend on the rise in the Malaysia online casino industry.

With the social interaction provided along, it not just about the Mega888 games.

Beside that, opening the Live Casino section in your home is a lot more convenient than driving to Genting Malaysia.

Mega888 Apk 2022 vs Mega888 iOS 2022

Mega888 Apk 2022 vs Mega888 iOS 2022

The latest version of Mega888 is known as the famous Mega888 2022.

It was launched in Malaysia at the beginning of 2022.

In this latest version, the app does come with new features and new online slot games.

The best part is that all these new features and games are free for all members.

Besides, the app download version which are the Mega888 iOS and Mega888 Apk download, also come with 2022 version.

The latest Mega888 download version for Android & iOS are known as Mega888 Apk 2022 & Mega888 iOS 2022.

Basically, you can find these 2 virus free download versions in those licensed Mega888 download site or the official website.

Now, we will compare these 2 download versions from different aspects.

You can refer to this comparison and decide which version suits you best.

App Download Process

When discussing the app download process, MEGA888 APK 2022 seems to be the easier option.

This is because it has less steps required in comparison to MEGA888 iOS 2022.

Players who download MEGA888APK 2022 are given the convenience of skipping the app verification process.

Thus, players online can spend less time trying to complete the Mega888 APK 2022 download.

This is because iOS users need to wait a little longer to get the verification from their phone operating system.

Sometimes, it may take awhile for the operating system to complete the app verification.

Therefore, iPhone players may need some additional time to complete this online slot app download.

After download process completed, you can proceed to create your login account.

Besides, you can also claim the Mega888 test id account for free.

It is the demo account of this online casino platform.

The test id account default username login is as below:

username: test1-test10000

Mega888 Game Play Speed Compare

Game Play Speed

The third aspect will be the game play speed in Mega888 app.

In fact, game speed is a very important aspect when comes to online casino games.

It will greatly affect the player game playing experience in the slot game.

Besides, it will also impact the player’s best chance to win in the game.

Based on the feedback from 80% of the Mega888 members, the Mega888 Apk version seems to perform better.

There is no lagging issue in the Apk version game play.

Especially in slot game, such as Safari Heat Slot, Dragon Gold Slot & etc.

Whereas for the iOS version, there are 10% of the iOS players feedback that the game play will lag occasionally.

This game lag issue normally occurs in the older iPhone models such as iPhone 7 and iPhone 6.

Therefore, the Apk version is the winner in this aspect.

Mega888 RTP Definition

What is Mega888 RTP

If you are new to Mega888 slot app, you will need to spend some free time to pay attention on this section.

The Mega888 RTP is a very important term for all players to understand before start playing in the Malaysia online slot games.

Mega888 RTP is known as the return to player in a game.

It means that how much winning return you will get based on the bet amount you placed.

It is measured in percentage.

If the game RTP is 90%, it means that you will get 90% of your bet amount when you win in the game.

It is very rare that the online casino platforms will offer 100% RTP to the players.

This is simply because the online casino would need to earn money at the end of the day.

Generally, most of the online slot apps will offer 93% to 95% RTP to the players in game.

Similar to Judiking88 online casino app, Mega888 slot app is consider quite generous in this case.

It offers 98% RTP to the players.

This means that you will get RM98 as winning return when you bet RM100 in the game.

This is also why this slot app has high popularity among the slot game players.

How To Identify Mega888 Original Version

Due to the high popularity of this online slot, there are many Mega888 fake versions in online.

Plenty of players have fallen victim to this issue.

So, don’t be part of that growing number!

Get familiar with these tell tale signs of a fake MEGA888 Download.

The fake versions will likely to have free credit scam and winning payout scam cases occur.

Therefore, it is important for players to know how to identify the Mega888 original version before start playing in the platform.

There are 2 ways available below to help you to be able to identify the original version easily.

 Mega888 Logo Trademark Identification

Mega888 Logo Trademark

The first method to identify the original app version is to spot the trademark wording in the Mega888 logo.

Before you decide to download the app in any Mega888 websites, try to spot the trademark wording in the logo.

If the logo does have trademark wording, it is the original version.

If there is no trademark wording, then it is likely that the app version is not original.

Make sure you download the right version as this could prevent you from falling prey to fake websites.

New Member Free Credit Claim

The third point is the new member free credit availability.

Basically, Mega888 original version will offer new member free credit to all new players.

Once you get to register a new account in the slot app, you will be eligible to claim this free credit.

If you do not get to claim this new member free credit, this version is definitely a fake version.

Mega888 vs 918Kiss

Is Mega888 Slot Games Better Than 918Kiss Slot Games

The comparison between slot 918Kiss and slot Mega888 is always a popular topic among the veteran players.

Most veteran players have played in both slot apps before.

918Kiss is the previous version of slot Mega888.

It has rebranded to become Mega888 since 2019.

After compiling feedback and review from few expert resources, we have concluded 2 points for this topic.

Support Android & iOS Device

Support Latest Android & iOS device

The second advantage of the new version is that it supports the latest Android & iOS devices.

If you plan to access the slot Mega888 app with iPhone 13, you can download the new version and bet accordingly.

Whereas the old version only supports up to iPhone 8.

For Android mobile phone compatibility, you can play the new version with all kinds of Android mobile phone.

Best Device For Slot App Download

Which Is The Best Device For Mega888 Online Slots Download

The best device for this app download is the iPhone with iOS 15 operating system.

There are 2 reasons that why this iPhone version is the best device for this app download.

The first reason is that this device offers a smoother game play in all the slot games in the app.

Second reason is that it offers a better gaming sound effect compared to other devices.

Having said that, other devices still able to offer decent gaming experience for the players in this app.

Without a doubt, iOS device is still a better choice compared to Android device.

Having said that, Android device still able to provide decent gaming experience.

Which Are The Best Mega888 Bonus & Free Credit For Claim

In these few years, Mega888 has offered many types of free credit and bonus to the members.

These free credits and bonus have helped the players to achieve more winnings in the game.

Similar to Zeus77, the latest top Asia online casino, among all types of Mega888 free credits, there are a few popular types of bonus and free credits.

We will share out the few types of free credits in this section.


Mega888 Angpao

Mega888 Angpao

The first famous type of free credit is definitely the Mega888 Angpao.

This free credit is generally available for claim during the festive season such as Chinese New Year.

What makes this free credit so popular is that players can claim this free credit for more than 1 time.

As long as this free credit quota still not finish, players can continue to claim this free credit.

Many players claim that this free credit can bring luck or in Chinese saying “Wong Choy” to the players.

This good luck can help players to win thousands easily in the slot Mega888.

However, you are not able to cash out this free credit immediately after claim.

You need to achieve a certain amount of winnings in order for you to cash out free credit plus winning together.

Most of the time, you need to achieve 300% winning based on the free credit amount in order to cash out.

merdeka bonus

Mega888 Merdeka Bonus

The second popular bonus is the Mega888 Merdeka bonus, which is similar to Judiasia96 online casino wallet bonus.

It is available for claim on every year August.

This bonus is in conjunction with the Malaysia National Day every year.

Basically, players do not need to place any deposit to claim this bonus.

Mega888 E-Wallet

What is Mega888 E-Wallet

Mega888 E-Wallet is a new credit top up and withdrawal channel for the players in the platform.

It was launched in 2021.

In fact, this feature was developed by external source instead of the in-house team.

Besides, this feature also similar with the Judikiss88 login wallet feature.

This new credit top up and withdrawal feature is free for all members.

As long as you have a registered account in Mega88 Apk or iOS version, you can utilize this new feature in your account.

However, you need to ensure that your Mega88 Apk or iOS version account is original account in order to use this E-Wallet feature.

You can top up your betting budget to the E-Wallet.

Then, you can use E-Wallet credit to top up any types of game credit.

The best part is that you can cash out the credit from your e-wallet anytime.

You do not need to go through the customer service approval process anymore for credit withdrawal.

This new feature has saved you a lot of time in the credit top up and withdrawal process.

important note when play in Mega888 Malaysia

Important Note When Play Mega888 Malaysia App

When you play the Malaysia version of this online casino app, it is best that you know a few related Malay words and sentences.

This is to ensure that you are able to communicate smoothly with the Malay customer service staff when necessary.

app login

1) Android supported

Android supported is known as “peranti Android” in Malay. You may need to speak this to customer service when your encounter app download problems.

2) App Login

App Login is known as “log masuk” in Malay. When you encounter problems in login, you may need to speak this “log masuk” problems to the customer service.

3) Download

Download is known as “muat turun” in Malay. This “muat turun” term is commonly used for all types of app download.

4) Online Mega888

This term is known as “dalam talian mega888”. This “dalam talian mega888” is an important term for you as well.

5) Password

This term is known as “kata laluan”. This “kata laluan” is an important term when comes to login issues.

6) Slot Game

This term is known as “permainan slot”. “permainan slot” is a general term for slot game in Malay.

Generally ” permainan slot” can also be known as “permainan slot dalam talian”, which is online slot game.

“permainan slot dalam talian” is a popular Malay term in online casino as well.

If the term is “bermain permainan slot dalam talian”, then it means that play the online slot game.

“permainan slot dalam talian” also can refer to any other types of online slot.

“bermain permainan slot dalam talian” is often used when you need to inform the customer service that you want to play in the online casino platform.

7) Website

Website is known as “laman web” in Malay. The “laman web” term is widely used in Malay community.

8) Trusted

This term is known as “boleh dipercayai” in Malay. You will see this word in some of this online casino Malay ads.

9) We Don’t Download From Uknown Source & Scam Website

This sentence in Malay is known as “kami tidak muat turun dari sumber tidak diketahui, selain itu juga scam laman web”.

install from safe location

10) User Can Install From Safe Location

This sentence in Malay is known as “pengguna boleh memasang dalam tetapan yang selamat“.

11) This app version has changed, therefore need to update

This sentence in Malay is known as “app versi ini telah diubah, oleh itu sila update app “.

In a nutshell, this mobile casino app is definitely your top choice to win lucrative winnings!


Mega888 online slot games vs XE88 online slot games

Mega888 Online Slot Games VS XE88 Online Slot Games

In my opinion, the two most popular games that are available for people to play are the XE88 and the Mega888.

I have been playing both of these games for a while now and have noticed that they both have some differences as well as similarities.

Both online slot games are really similar and there is no clear winner.

The only difference is that one of them offers more games and has more variety, while the other one has a better interface.

If you are looking for something new and exciting to play, then XE88 is definitely the best option as it offers more than 200 different types of games.

However, if you want something simple with fewer options but still fun enough to keep your attention, Mega888 can be an excellent choice as well!

Mega888 Online Slot Games

What do you think? Are both games similar?

Yes! They have a lot in common.

Both games have a similar theme and a number of slot games, bonus rounds, free spins, and jackpots.

They also have a similar level of quality, with great graphics and sound effects. If you like one game, you’ll probably like the other.

XE88 Online Slot Games

XE88 Online Slot Games

The XE88 online slot games are more diverse than Mega888 online slot games

They are more popular than Mega888 online slot games & PHDream online slot games. 

Besides, XE88 online slot games have better graphics than Mega888 online slot games

Mega888 online slot games have a wider variety of machine types than XE88 online slots, but this comes at the cost of flexibility in terms of betting and winning.

For example, you cannot win all jackpots on certain machines like in Vegas-style casinos where all jackpots are linked together (e.g., 2 or 3 progressives).

Instead, each machine has its own set of rules for paying out prizes so players must learn each one separately before playing for real money!

This means memorizing dozens (or even hundreds) of different pay tables which is time-consuming.

But necessary if you want to make money playing these types of titles instead of just losing money while trying out new things blindly.”

Mega888 guide for beginner

Why is Mega888 the best online casino for beginners?

Just like Pussy888 online casino, Mega888 is one of the most popular online casinos, which means there are plenty of people playing and enjoying it.

This means that you can get good advice from other players, as well as find out which games they like to play.

If you’re looking for something new to try, this information will be invaluable to you.

In addition to being popular and having a large player base, Mega888 also has a ton of games available!

They offer games like roulette and blackjack as well as video poker machines (VP), so if these are your favorites then this site won’t disappoint.

You’ll also find some progressive jackpot games such as Highway Kings or Major Millions here too!

On top of all this variety in terms of game titles alone already makes Mega888 stand out above most other options available today but there’s more.

The site also offers frequent promotions including free spins bonuses.

Where players can earn extra cash by playing slots without needing any deposit required beforehand whatsoever.

Simply sign up using promo code “FREE20” upon registration process completion.

So long there are no restrictions applied upon registration date due date expiration date (if applicable).

1) Sign up without deposit needed

  • You can always sign up and try out all their games without having to make a deposit.
  • Mega888 offers free cash back on your first three deposits, so you don’t have to worry about losing any money if you’re not sure about the site yet.
  • There are lots of exciting promotions happening regularly at this casino, including daily bonuses and special events like tournaments with big prizes!

2) Free demo version access

You can also access demo versions of some games.

Which is especially helpful for newbies who want to learn the mechanics behind how slots work but don’t want to risk losing real money.

These demos give you an idea of how much each spin will cost and what prizes you might win.

However, keep in mind that these are still just simulations and won’t give you an accurate representation of how things will play out in real life.

Demo versions aren’t good for learning how to win at slot machines.

Because they don’t incorporate all of the features that make up a real-life casino experience (like being able to watch other players).

You won’t be able to get a high score either–the demo version only lets you play until your credits run out or until there’s no more money left on your account!

3) Generous reward points

Similar to Winbox Online Casino, another great feature of Mega888 is the fact that players get reward points every time they make a deposit and play games on the site.

The more you play, the more reward points you will earn.

These can then be redeemed for free games, bonuses or even gifts for your friends!

4) Easy winning credit withdrawal requirement

Your winnings are automatically transferred into your account once you’ve reached 20 reward points.

And from there you can withdraw it without any problems.

From there, you can withdraw them in any currency and to your PayPal account as well if you prefer it over other payment methods.



Both online slot games are really similar and there is no clear winner.

They both have a lot of good features such as great graphics, awesome sound effects, and many more.

However, if you are looking for something new then XE88 Online Slot Games might be the right choice for you.

This is because they have some unique features which can’t be found on other sites like this one!

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