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I am an avid slot player with more than 15 years experience in slot machine & online slot games. Started off to play slot machine in casino, I managed to learn the slot winning odds progressively in most of the slot games. Among my winning records, I managed to strike 5 consecutive jackpots in a particular slot game in Mega888 slot app. I strongly believe that logical thinking and strong analytical skill play a huge part in slot game betting. However, it is undeniable that luck does play a portion in this as well. Hence, I am writing this blog to share my experience on different casino platforms from register guide to game winning tips. Another interesting fact about me is that I am the cousin of Xuan Liu, a well-known professional poker player. Perhaps we share some similarities in our genes on certain talent in gambling games!

Online Casino Malaysia Top 3 Games to Play in 2021

Online Casino Malaysia – Top 3 Games to Play in 2021

Online Casino Malaysia is Growing Fast in Malaysia Online Casino Malaysia is growing at a record speed. According to Malaysia Online Casino Association (MOCA), there is three new online betting sites register with the organisation everyday. This is really overwhelming. That said, not all the online casino companies have high operating standard. Some of them …

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MEGA888 February 2021 Professional Forecast

MEGA888 2021 February – Professional Forecast

MEGA888 2021 February – One of the Most Exciting Months in 2021 Why do we need to forecast MEGA888 2021 February? Just like there is an ancient Chinese proverb states, “know the enemy, know yourself, and in every battle you will be victorious ”.  It’s really really important to understand your slot games well, if you wanna win big from the game. …

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About MEGA888 2021

About Mega888

Mega888 online slots is the number one slot games for most slot lovers. Mega888 online slots have a very strong reputation in Malaysia in the online gaming community. Besides, with tons of downloads and players logging on each day. Mega888 had successfully taken over the online casino market since 2018! Why Malaysian love Mega888 Casino? …

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MEGA888 Login Slot Games

Mega888 Login

The MEGA888 mobile slot game will provide players with the best gaming slot experience. Since there is a lot of new players who have no idea how to login/access to Mega888. Here is the guidance! First of all, you will need to download Mega888 Download (supported by android & IOS). After installing the apps, you …

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