Online Casino Malaysia Top 3 Games to Play in 2021

Online Casino Malaysia – Top 3 Games to Play in 2021

Online Casino Malaysia is Growing Fast in Malaysia

Online Casino Malaysia is growing at a record speed. According to Malaysia Online Casino Association (MOCA), there is three new online betting sites register with the organisation everyday. This is really overwhelming.

That said, not all the online casino companies have high operating standard. Some of them might be scammers. Some of them might be disqualified operators who are not even authorised to distribute online casino products. Some even get blacklisted by MOCA for not compensating players.

Different Online Casino Platforms

This is indeed huge problem in the local online gambling industry. This is why professional watchdog like MOCA is needed greatly. Otherwise things might be out of control.

As one of the most experienced online betting experts in Malaysia, we also carry great responsibility to protect the entire market as a whole. This is why we’re writing this post to introduce some of the most trusted online casino Malaysia games that are of high quality for you to play.

Mobile Slot Games Remain Favourite Despite Covid19

Covid19 has been a life-threatening pain in the ass for all of us. It completely disrupts our lifestyle, as well as how we gamble.

Pre Covid19, most of the gamblers in Malaysia usually visit Genting Highlands to play casino games. It is one of the most visited getaway tourist spot in Malaysia. People are used to land-base casino.

Slot Game Casino
Slot Game Casino

However, things have changed significantly ever since the beginning of Covid19. People try to avoid going out with fears towards Covid19. Most people work from home, which is also part of the governmental efforts to curb the spread of viruses.

How do people gamble? Just a tiny amount of casino players have quit gambling during the MCO 1.0 and MCO 2.0. The rest all switched over to play online casino games.

Nevertheless, many gamblers who previously gambled at Genting Highlands have not so much confidence in live-streaming table casino games. They are skeptical if it’s fair gaming.

Having said that, they’re totally okay with mobile slot games. It seems just like slot machines located in a land-based casino. Just that now the slot machine is much smaller in size – a mobile smartphone.

This is why the number of active players in mobile slot games has shot up significantly since March last year. It’s convenient, trustworthy, and also entertaining.

Today, we’re gonna share with you the top 3 online casino Malaysia games that is most favoured by the local casino players, namely MEGA888, XE88, and PUSSY888.

MEGA888 – The Largest Mobile Slot Game in Malaysia

It’s undeniable that MEGA888 is the no.1 mobile slot game in Malaysia.

Following the termination of 918KISS in November 2020, much of the kiss fans had then switched to play MEGA888. Moreover, the periodic lockdown arising from Covid19 has helped to grow active players in MEGA888 as well.

Mega888 Mobile Slot
Mega888 Mobile Slot

Based on an article issued by, MEGA888 is most likely to rise as the top mobile slot game in Malaysia in 2021. We can expect the following that might happen:

  • MEGA888 will continue to maintain its high winning payout rate this year
  • At least 50 new mobile slot games will be developed
  • Collaborating with international big names for crossover, such as Samsung and BOSE.

As such, we continue to see MEGA888 as the leading online casino brand in Malaysia. Most of the local casino players, especially new beginners, will certainly start their online betting journey with MEGA888.

What make it so special and different from other online casino brands? The answer is winning payout.

I would say no other online casino product could offer higher payout rate than MEGA888. You may ask me: why only MEGA888 is able to do that?

Just remember, the more active players are in the game pool, the higher the winning payout is. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for MEGA888 to offer such winning payout given its No.1 position in the country.

XE88 – A Perfect Battlefield for Intermediate or Advanced Gambler

Even though there are more than 200 slot games available, some people eventually get bored with MEGA888. They wanna seek for something that’s more challenging. This is how they switch to play XE88.

Well, XE88 is not a long-established online casino brand. As a matter of fact, it’s been in the industry for less than 2 years. Despite short operating history, it has gained massive traction since official launch given perfect design for all its mobile slot games.

XE88 Slot Casino
XE88 Slot Casino

Some players do not like to win easily. They are looking for more fun from playing slot games. Then they will most probably play XE88. The sophisticated yet perfect design of XE88 has attracted a lot of online casino players from all around the world.

There is an old saying in Malaysia: “You may call yourself a real online casino player, if you’ve played XE888 before.”

Celebrity effect could be another factor driving the success of XE88. There are many celebrities in the country playing this game, such as Michael Tan (the founder of MEGA888), Andy Lim ( CEO of 918KISS), Joseph Phua (the infamous MEGA888 Guru), etc. People like to follow celebrity.

If you really wanna try out your online gambling skill, just play XE88. This is where everyone gets to test their skill level. You can win from XE88, you’re truly a skilful gambler.

PUSSY888 – An Online Casino Malaysia Games Designed for Young Players

If you’re aged below 25, you definitely don’t want to miss PUSSY888!

It’s an online casino product that is specially designed for young players to experience the amazing feel of online gambling. It’s like incubating the new batch of online casino players in Malaysia.

XE88 Slot Game
XE88 Slot Game

You might be curious, how does it attract young players? Well, it uses only the most trendy colours as well as graphic design to decorate its slot games. Neon colours are the main theme colour.

Besides, many influencers (or also known as KOL) and Youtubers have been hired by PUSSY888 to promote its mobile slot games. This is actually one of the best tools to connect your business with young audiences. Nowadays, they watch Youtube or social media platforms more than anything else.

On the other hand, PUSSY888 always organise a lot of different marketing campaigns to raise awareness of its product to the public. You will stand a chance to win away many trendy products, such as limited sneakers, luxurious bags, bearbricks, fashion clothing, if you’re a player of PUSSY888.

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