MEGA888 February 2021 Professional Forecast

MEGA888 2021 February – Professional Forecast

MEGA888 2021 February – One of the Most Exciting Months in 2021

Why do we need to forecast MEGA888 2021 February? Just like there is an ancient Chinese proverb states, “know the enemy, know yourself, and in every battle you will be victorious ”. 

It’s really really important to understand your slot games well, if you wanna win big from the game.

Therefore, we always value forecast over anything else. As a matter of fact, perform professional forecast on MEGA888 every month. We have a professional online gambler team. The purpose of the forecast is to help them win more.

Having received countless feedback from our readers that they would like to know what would possibly happen next. As such, we’ve decided to publish our professional forecast to benefit all fans.

We see February 2021 as one of the most exciting months in 2021. Why would we say so?

There are some major events that’s gonna take place in the month of February:

  • The reopening of Malaysian economy from MCO 2.0
  • Covid19 cases are on significant rise
  • The celebration of Chinese New Year
  • MEGA888 iOS remains unavailable
  • There are only 28 days in February 2021

With the above events taking place in next month, it’s really gonna be a busy month ahead. The point is, how do we as professional online gambling players, take advantage from these events? Let’s check it out.

The Potential Uplift of MCO 2.0

Our government had on 11 January 2021 announced that Movement Control Order (MCO) 2.0 will be implemented, until the number of Covid19 cases is under control.

Of course, we’re not gonna discuss about what happened during the MCO 2.0. To see what’s the impact, you may read through this post: What You Can or Can’t Do During MCO 2.0?

The real problem is that our government further hinted the potential uplift of MCO 2.0 on 4 February 2021, despite the fact that number of cases has been rising. In fact, the number of positive cases just hit above 5,500 on both 29 January 2021 and 30 January 2021. It’s indeed terrfying.

Many people think that MCO 2.0 is a total failure. In Malaysia, Covid19 is already out of control. Thanks to the unwise policies imposed by our government.

What does a potential uplift mean to MEGA888? We forecast a slight drop in the number of active players if MCO 2.0 was to be uplifted. Previously, more and more people signed up as new player for MEGA888, simply because they’re bored with nothing to do at home during MCO 2.0.

In response to this, MEGA888 headquarter might take a little action. They might slightly adjust the winning payout upward as well. The purpose of this is to retain players. Therefore, professional MEGA888 players might be able to take advantage from this.

What you need to prepare now is to target the slot games that you wanna take profit from in the month of February. Study betting strategies to conquer these games.

However, what if MEGA888 doesn’t increase winning payout? Well, we think winning payout will drop dramatically if that really happens.

Just bear in mind that more people that generate more turnover will tend to increase winning payout. With lesser players in the pool after MCO 2.0, winning payout will certainly drop for sure. You might need to consider skipping MEGA888 for a month and take a short break.

Terrifying Number of Covid19 Cases in Malaysia

It’s not a big surprise to most Malaysians that Covid19 will break through five thousands threshold. Nonetheless, it’s still unacceptable.

People are terrifying. They worry about the safety of their families, also a potential breakdown of the local economy should the rise in Covid19 cases continues to persist.

According to a forecast carried out by the national medical team of China, the number of Covid19 cases in Malaysia is likely to hit 10,000 a day on 16th March 2021, if no proper government intervention is undertaken.

Well, from the potential uplift of MCO 2.0 hinted by the government, we think very likely that will happen.

Based on the above, we forecast that MEGA888 will continue to roll out more promotions as well as rewards to compensate its players. More surprises will be on their way.

MEGA888 always carries the important role – to provide the safest yet most entertaining leisure platform to all Malaysians in the country. It will continue to carry such responsibility during hard times.

To help more people getting through depressed period, MEGA888 gotta do something about it. From our understanding towards the founder of MEGA888 – Michael Tan, we think he will definitely announce some new campaigns that will be in the favour of players. Just wait and see.

Bored Chinese New Year in MEGA888A Bored Chinese New Year in MEGA888 February 2021

The Chinese New Year this year is gonna be a bored one. Probably the dullest one all this while.

As the situation of Covid19 continues to worsen in Malaysia, we forecast that Chinese New Year will be celebrated in such a way that most things will be restricted, such as limited gathering as well as a temporary ban on cross-state travelling.

Chinese New Year is not only a tradition for Chinese to celebrate the start of a new year, but also a festival event for people to gather around and gamble. It will be a disappointed year for most of the gamblers in 2021.

In view of this, we think MEGA888 February 2021 would probably increase the winning payout for some of its traditional Chinese online casino games, for instances, Baccarat, Roulette, Dragon Tiger, Sicbo, Caishen Fafafa, Wukong, etc.

This is to attract more Chinese online casino players to place their bets with MEGA888. So, professional gamblers should really take this opportunity to bet in these games. Maybe you will be able to earn a special big Ang Pow from MEGA888 during the upcoming Chinese New Year!

MEGA888 February 2021 – Will MEGA888 iOS Be Fixed?

Seriously, we doubt it. Regarding persistent issue in MEGA888 iOS, we’ve already contacted MEGA888 headquarter for more information. Unfortunately, the answer we get is rather vague.

We think MEGA888 iOS is not gonna be fixed anytime soon, February 2021 too. The causes of this remains unknown.

However, there is an article guiding you how to solve the errors in MEGA888 iOS which you can have a look. It will probably help you a lot.

Given the above, what would be the implication of this? We forecast that many players who are iPhone users, will probably switch to play other mobile slot games, such as XE888 or PUSSY888. I would say iPhone users are pretty loyal to Apple products. They are too rigid to switch their smartphones for the sake of MEGA888.

Meanwhile, some previously iPhone users who also own Android smartphones, will probably switch to play MEGA888 with Android phones. This might probably cause the winning payout in MEGA888 APK to increase with more players in the pool now.

It’s indeed a rare opportunity for professional gamblers to gain some windfall profits from MEGA888 APK, before MEGA888 iOS getting fixed!

Lesser Number of Days in MEGA888 2021 February

Sadly to say that, there are only 28 days in February 2021.

That would be a challenge posted to most online casino operators in Malaysia. They have only 28 days to generate sales.

The good thing is, Chinese New Year usually brings more gambling volume to these online casino operators. This tend to offset the shortage of number of days in February.

Nonetheless, some of the online casino operators will become more aggressive in February 2021 as well, i.e. more free online casino bonuses, more MEGA888 free credit, more lucky draws, etc. They just want to make up the loss of sales arising from lesser number of days in February 2021.

On the other hand, you will probably see a lot of Facebook advertisements promoting MEGA888 on the internet. Online casino operators will all spend more in February to get more new players.

We can actually take this opportunity to bargain with online casino operators for more benefits. If you’re close enough with some of the online casino operators, you can actually request for MEGA888 VIP game ID that allows you to get more free spins during the game.

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