MEGA888 2021

MEGA888 2021: The Top 5 Trends How Malaysians Play

How MEGA888 2021 Be like?

There is not much articles talking about how MEGA888 2021 will be like. A lot of the writers focus more on bragging how good or how awesome MEGA888 or their online gambling platform is. Not many people really care about the benefits of readers.

We wanna be different. We would like to offer some benefits to our loyal readers from time to time. This is how a writer should be – write to benefit. Therefore, we’re gonna share with you some of the insights of how, or how we think MEGA888 2021 is gonna be like.

After having done some basic researches, we finally found this post – MEGA888 2021 – What Can You Expect?, of which we can finally gain a bit clue of what’s going on. According to this post, we can expect MEGA888 to become the No.1 mobile slot game in Malaysia this year. In addition, it is expected to continue maintaining its winning payout and to develop more new slot games to increase its level of excitement in 2021.

Other than the above, we would like to explore more on how people is going to play MEGA888 slot games in 2021. I always encourage our readers to keep themselves updated with the latest trend. You might discover new online betting strategies from it.

Trend 1: Play with MEGA888 Test ID

We expect to see a lot people playing MEGA888 with Test ID, before playing with real money. Recently, a latest online betting strategy has gone viral on the internet – heat up winning payout engine with playing test games first.

Under the strategy, we are taught to first pick 10 slot games from MEGA888, and play with test ID for at least 100 spins each game. After the “warm up” session has been completed, then only you start playing the games with real money. This would largely increase the chances to win, while winning payout will be lifted signifcantly.

This above online betting strategy was first discovered by Peter Lee, an experienced slot game player in Malaysia, on 4 April 2020. That’s right, during the lockdown period. He had too much spare time to work on some simulation games, in order to test out his gambling theory. It turns out that the above strategy yields the greatest return of all.

You may also refer to MEGA888 Test ID – How to Get It Free?, just in case you have no idea how to get the Test ID from the right place.

Trend 2: Play MEGA888 at Home

Given the global pandemic which started in the January of 2020, most of us are going through a transition phase where offices are working remotely now. Work-from-home seems to be a new norm. This is also gonna change how people work in the next decade.

Meanwhile, what does this mean to the local online casino industry? Players would have more time to play since no colleagues or bosses would not be around them. Players can now do whatever they want at home.

Hence, we observed that many of the players start playing MEGA888 together with their families. It begins to become kind of a family bonding activity. Besides, the number of active players for MEGA888 also shot up greatly during the lockdown period. In 2021, we expect to see players continue to play MEGA888 at home given the MCO 2.0.

Trend 3: 9-lines Slot Game Will Be Your Favourite

Slot games with 9-lines feature are normally those classic, traditional, or older slot games. Nonetheless, we predict that these “forgotten” ones might turn into hottest pick in the year of 2021.

Along the past few years, we feel that slot games are getting more and more complex in terms of graphic design as well as game structure. From 9-lines at the beginning, to 20-lines, 25-lines, 30-lines, 40-lines, and even 50-lines. Undeniably the new slot games with more lines feature is more fun, but it also get players confused with the game structure.

Starting in 2020, we observed the fact that players are gradually returning to older slot games with lesser line feature. People probably just love something simpler. Therefore in 2021, we expect to see 9-lines slot games to be in great favour, especially Highway Kings and Silver Bullet.

Trend 4: It’s Really Hard to Find a Trusted Online Casino Company

In the past few years, we can tell that more and more scammers have penetrated into the local online casino market. This has also brought down the level of confidence of many local players, as many of them have been cheated by the scammers.

This would really harm the entire Malaysian online casino industry as a whole. Integrity would be damaged. In 2021, we expect MEGA888’s players will continue facing difficulty in getting a trustworthy online casino company to play with.

Such phenomena has actually been reflected to the Malaysian Online Casino Association (MOCA), who is supposed to protect the interest of all online casino players in Malaysia. One of the spokesperson from MOCA, Joker Wong, has expressed their concerns over these distrust online casino operators. He said MOCA will do anything they can to stop the growth of such shameful activities.

Trend 5: Play MEGA888 2021 Without Free Bonus

More frequently, players would request free deposit bonus from online casino companies. Nonetheless, the free bonuses usually don’t bring many good to the players. Why would I say so?

Because it’s free wager, and players won’t treasure it as much as real money. Therefore, many people tend to make wrong gambling decision with free bonuses. End up losing all in the games.

These days, players tend not to take free bonus and just play MEGA888 with real dollar deposit. They have realised the problems. Nowadays, they would rather play rationally than to play for fun. After all everyone’s main purpose is to win big from MEGA888. It would be useless with free bonuses if you can’t even win from the game.

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