XE88 Versus MEGA888 2021 Honest Comparison

XE88 Versus MEGA888 – 2021 Honest Comparison

Xe88 Mobile Slot Game That Might Dominate MalaysiaXE88 – Another Mobile Slot Game That Might Dominate Malaysia

XE88 is a highly localised slot game product that is available in both desktop and mobile version. It’s launched in the summer of 2018, where the local competition was already pretty fierce at that point in time.

As we all know, the Malaysian online casino game market used to be dominated by SCR888, then 918KISS. Following the termination of 918KISS in the last quarter of 2020, all other mobile slot game brands are now striving to get the No.1 position.

Mega888 vs XE888

As of now, MEGA888 seems to be the winner. However, many also think that XE88 is another potential candidate that might be able to take over the leading position.

Today, we’re gonna review some comparisons to evaluate the pros and cons between XE88 and MEGA888, from different perspectives.

XE88 Has Much More Stable Game ServerXE88 Has Much More Stable Game Server

XE88 has one of the best performing mobile slot game servers in the market. They have invested millions ringgit in this area. They prioritise game server more than anything else.

Many people might think that game server is not as important as other parts of a slot game product. This is a very wrong concept. In fact, it’s one of the most important things to us as a gambler.

Can you imagine if your game crashed when you just stroke free bonus game, or even the mega jackpot? That would be the saddest thing on earth. It’s totally intolerable. Only those who’ve gambling for sometime can understand the painfulness of this.

With XE88’s game server, I’ve never encountered anything like this before. From what I heard from the company, its game server only run at 50% of total capacity during the most crowded hours. This is apparently much better compared to MEGA888.

As most of the online casino players in Malaysia know, MEGA888 iOS version has been experiencing technical issues. Players are not able to download MEGA888 iOS, or to install it properly. It’s largely caused by the limited capacity of its game server. It remains unresolved for months.

Although some of the MEGA888 online gambling experts have released useful notes to help tackle the issues, MEGA888 itself has lost a lot of iPhone users over the past few months. As we can see, game server’s stability is of high importance.

Better Slot Game Graphic Design Attracts More Players

There is hell a lot of differences, if you compare today with the older days. People tend to value products with better packaging nowadays. That draws a lot of attention.

The same applies to slot game product. XE88 is obviously doing much better in terms of slot game design. It has engaged one of the best UI/UX teams in the world – The Wolfpack, to design its mobile slot game. Every inch of its mobile slot game has been examined in details to reach the highest quality standard in the market.

As a player, you would definitely experience a completely different online gambling environment given its high quality game design. Besides, its premium game graphic design also offers eye-protection feature, which will protect your eyes if you keep looking at the slot games for a prolonged period.

MEGA888 is still offering a pretty much outdated game graphic design compared to XE88. It’s not because MEGA888 is reluctant to upgrade, but they’re actually targeting a mass market that is already fairly familiar with its design style. Upgrading its design would mean that everyone has learn to get along with the new design again. This is why MEGA888 has not been upgrading its game graphic design.

MEGA888’s Winning Payout Is Still UnbeatableMEGA888’s Winning Payout Is Still Unbeatable

One of the most fascinating features of MEGA888 is certainly its winning payout. It basically offers the highest winning payout in the market that no other competitors can beat it.

Why only MEGA888 is able to do that? This has to do with its gigantic game volume. The theory behind is pretty simple: the more players in the pool, the higher the winning payout will be.

This is actually something XE88 not able to achieve. Afterall, MEGA888 still owns the most number of active online casino players in Malaysia. The ultimate purpose of each every single casino player is to win big from slot game. Therefore, MEGA888 will remain highly in demand in the year ahead.

Of course, people not only play MEGA888 just because of its winning payout. There are multiple reasons. You may also refer to the benefits of playing MEGA888 online if you’re keen to find out more.

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