2023 Official 918Kiss Thailand Version Free Download Guide

How To Download & Play In 2023 Official 918Kiss Thailand Version

918Kiss Thailand Download 918Kiss Thailand Download

To download the 918Kiss Thailand app, you will need to go to your mobile device’s app store and search for “918Kiss Thailand”.

Remember to click on the icon once you found it in the app store.

Once you have downloaded the app, open it up!

The first thing that you should see is a screen that asks if you would like to log in with Facebook or create a new account.

If this is not what comes up first when opening up your 918Kiss Thailand app (it shouldn’t be), please check out our other article on how do i log into my 918kiss account?

How To Play 918Kiss Thailand


      • Download 918Kiss Thailand

      • Open the app and select your country, language and username/password.

      • Then set up your account by following the prompts on screen

      • Sign in to your 918Kiss login account & start playing!

    918Kiss Online Casino Thailand Reviews918Kiss Thailand Review

    918Kiss Thailand offers tons of slot games where you can play online.

    It is available on 918Kiss Android and 918Kiss iOS versions and you can download 918Kiss Thailand from the Mega888 game site.

    The 918kiss casino is one of the most popular online casinos in Asia, which offers a wide range of games.

    Including slots, table games and live dealer games to players around the world.

    With over 600 titles available to choose from at any given time (and more being added all of the time), there’s plenty here for even experienced gamblers who are looking for something new or just want some fun with familiar titles like Fruit Shop or Gold Fish Casino Slots!

    You can download the official 918Kiss Thailand from the link provided in this article.

    To download the 918Kiss Thailand app, follow these steps:


        • Click on the link provided in this article to download the app.

        • You will be prompted to open an external link or download it directly to your device.

      If you choose to download it directly from your browser, then follow these instructions:

      Once downloaded, go back into your phone’s App Store (or Google Play), search for “918Kiss Thailand” and install it just like any other app!

      New Features In 918Kiss Thailand VersionExclusive New Features In 918Kiss Thailand Version

      In addition to these new features, 918Kiss has also added the following:

      1) Free Bonus Games


          • This new feature is called “Free Bonus Games”, which means that you can get free bonus games by playing 918Kiss Thailand Version.

          • This feature is not available in other versions of 918Kiss, so do not miss it!

        2) Auto-Play and Auto-Hit Feature

        This feature allows you to set up the number of games to play, the bet amount and the number of credits per game.

        You can also choose whether or not you want to use Auto-Hit during your session.

        This feature allows you to set up how often you would like Auto-Hit enabled during each spin round (the default is 5).

        3) Single-Click For Betting Amount Adjustment

        The new version of 918Kiss Thailand has a single click feature to adjust your betting amount.

        This will make it much easier for you to use the app and place bets with ease.

        If you want to increase or decrease your bet size, just click on the up/down buttons at the bottom of your screen and choose an amount!

        4) Feature To Auto-Close Game When Player’s Credit Balance Is Low

        When you have low credits, you can use this function to automatically close the game.

        5) Love Points

        This feature is very similar to Facebook’s “Like” button, but it’s a lot more fun because we have more ways for you to earn Love Points!

        You’ll be able to get them by playing games, taking surveys and quizzes, or just chatting with your friends on the app.

        Once you reach 1000 Love Points (which doesn’t take long), your name will appear on our leaderboard where everyone else can see how much they love you too!

        6) Chat Rooms

        We’ve added chat rooms so that users can talk about anything they want without having any interruptions from ads or notifications.

        Just like having someone over at home without having any distractions around them

        How To Identify The Authentic & Authorized 918Kiss Thailand Version

        1) 918Kiss Thailand Version only can be played in Thailand

        This is a local version of 918Kiss which is available to play with only in Thailand.

        It offers a different set of features than other versions, like the chance to win 1 million baht or more in cash prizes.

        2) Unique features that are not available in other 918Kiss versions

        The game offers unique features that are not available in other versions of the game.

        Some of the top winning games are made exclusively by 918Kiss Thailand, such as “Love Letter”, “King Kong” and “Red Dragon.”

        3) Some of the top winning games are made exclusively by 918Kiss Thailand

        You can play some of the top winning games in 918Kiss Thailand. These include:


            • The jackpot, which is a grand prize of 1 million baht!

            • Fortune Gong (a lottery game). You can win up to 10 million baht with this game if you get all three numbers right.

          This version also has its own exclusive games such as Pangpond and Slots Royale.

          If you’re looking for something different from other versions of 918Kiss worldwide, then this might be it!

          4) Lucrative winning payout

          The minimum bet here is 1 Thai Baht and the maximum winnings per game can go up to 100,000 baht (approx. $3,060).

          100,000 baht is equivalent to $3,060.

          You can play with only 1 Thai Baht!

          5) Comes with auto-play option

          This Thailand version has an auto-play option.

          Which allows you to set several parameters for each game and then just let the machine play for you.

          This is a great way to let the machine play for you, especially if you are busy or feeling tired after work.

          The game will continue to run until it reaches its maximum number of spins or time limit (the default is 1000 spins).

          In order to stop your game manually, press [STOP] on your keyboard or click on ‘STOP’ in the bottom right corner of your screen

          Register with a Thai IP address

          If you want to enjoy this new version of 918Kiss then make sure that your account is registered with a Thai IP address.

          It is only available in Thai language and it can’t be played by non-Thai players.


          We hope you enjoy these new features in 918Kiss Thailand version. We know you’ll have fun trying them out!

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