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918KISS versus MEGA888

918KISS Used to Lead the Way918KISS Used to Lead the Way

Well, it’s absolutely right to say that 918KISS used to be the No.1 mobile slot game in Malaysia. It’s a different story today. There was an event that changed the whole picture upside down – the shutdown of 918KISS in September 2019.

The cause of the event remains unknown today. Even there is a period where 918KISS was terminated for a few months and players are in urge searching for a new platform for online gambling. But it’s okay, I don’t think this is the focus of our topic.

We are writing this post to examine the pros and cons of both 918KISS and MEGA888, to see which slot game brand is a better product for players to bet. Just in case you don’t know about MEGA888 yet, we will elaborate more in the later part.

The fact is, MEGA888 is slowly taking up 918KISS’s market share in the past several months. MEGA888 is dominating the market now and I would say not many people have noticed this trend. But it’s really really important for us as professional online gambling consultants, to look at this phenomena from a rational perspectives.

What is MEGA888?

You might be curious about MEGA888. Yes, it’s indeed a pretty new slot game brand in Malaysia, ever since its official launch in 2018.

I gotta admit one of the largest mistakes that I’ve committed in my life as online gambling consultant – I underestimated the potential of MEGA888. It has become one of the most popular online gambling brand in less than two years’ time.

MEGA888 is founded by a group of professional slot game developers from Johor. Most of them used to work in some of the largest online gambling groups in the world, such as Playtech, Pragmatic Play, Betsoft, etc. For one single purpose – to revamp the Malaysian online slot game industry, they all gather around to build this amazing mobile slot gaming brand.

Today, it has more than 200 mobile slot games under its brand. With international footprint across several countries in the South East Asian region, it is considered one of the most potential slot game brand to compete with 918KISS.

Major Differences Between 918KISS and MEGA888Major Differences Between 918KISS and MEGA888

Different players have difference taste. Many players are very much into 918KISS, likewise, there is also a group of loyal fans who like to play MEGA888 as well. In order to understand the whole picture, we have sorted out some major differences between the two:

  • Mobile friendliness: MEGA888 has more mobile friendly game layout than 918KISS, since it has adopted a much more advanced UI UX technology to develop its game’s front-end.
  • Game server stability: 918KISS’s game server is much more stable than the one of MEGA888, given the former’s years of experience in developing system infrastructure.
  • Winning payout structure: It’s almost the same for both slot game brands. Nowadays, slot game providers are pretty generous about compensating their players.
  • Choice of slot games: 918KISS offers more slot game selection than MEGA888, but the latter has more newer slot games than the former.

Save for the above, there are still a lot details that we can be exploring about these two largest slot game brands in Malaysia. We will talk more about it in the later post.

I would say it’s really vital to play with the right slot game. With inferior slot games, you will never get to enjoy the true joy of playing slot games. Both 918KISS and MEGA888 are the greatest mobile slot games in Malaysia. I bet you can enjoy to the maximum playing either one of these games.


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