MEGA888 Download Three Kingdoms Slot Game

MEGA888 Download Three Kingdoms Slot Game

MEGA888 Download Three Kingdoms Slot GameCan MEGA888 Download Three Kingdoms Slot Game?

Yes, it is available on MEGA888 Online Games. The conflict between the ancient three kingdoms of Ancient China was a defining moment in the history of the country, an event so important that it deserved its very own game. If you are interested in this game u may proceed to MEGA888 download it .

Story of Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms is 

a video slot game from Red Tiger Gaming that will let players dive head first into Chinese hist

ory. Therefore, pick a side at the beginning of your turn and fight to the death for the glory of your kingdom .

Learn more about the different ways opened before you to make your way to the top of the hierarchy in Three Kingdoms th

anks to our review of the game.

Story of Three Kingdoms

How It Works?

Three Kingdoms sticks to a very simple pay table with few reel symbols and relatively modest rewards. We will give a few examples here from the perspective of a one-credit bet on the reels.

The different jewel symbols are clearly the more common on the reels of the game. There are 6 of them in total, in different colors, and all can trigger cash prizes in groups of 3, 4 or 5. These rewards range from 10 to 40 credits, regardless of the type of jewel that you manage to find a combination of.

The 3 generals are more elusive and, on the other hand, more rewarding as well. Twice as much to be precise, with a maximum win of 80 credits. So as you can see, Three Kingdoms is not as exciting as other games when it comes to the basic pay table.

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